About Clovis Postali

Born in Farroupilha, a small town in southern Brazil, from an Italian family. Mechanical engineer by profession but in contact with music and art since early age by growing up among active musicians, artists and photographers.
I started painting landscapes based on my childhood memories of careless wandering around the valleys of Farroupilha and its surroundings. The bright shades of summer and the shadowy hues of our cold, humid winters made me aware of nature and its ever-changing colors for as long as I can remember. Later in life not only I lived in places very much unlike my hometown but I also traveled worldwide extensively for many years.
My paintings therefore don’t tell one specific story. They result of different places, emotional states and impressions I’ve come in contact with throughout the years. I express that through my abstract paintings, my landscapes and yet sometimes through human figures. I always use a lot of contrasting colors, shapes and textures to express images and emotions because I believe this is how they become imprinted in the process of memory, knowledge and experience acquisition.
I like to work with different types, colors and shades of paint and I like to see them interact. I believe paint carries its own moods and I respect its personality. As an artist I make sure the paint consents to the internal synergy it’s capable of raising. I also love to work with knives and to experiment with textures. Sometimes I scrape and scratch the paint to reveal the lower layers of paint and to create new effects of color.

Past Exhibits

The Bicycle Stroll

3737 Buffalo Speedway at The Greenway Plaza - Houston, Texas. Visual Art Corner of Houston - Presented PM Realty Group Art and Wine 2016 - Art Exhibition and Wine Tasting - The Bicycles Stroll Collection - Contemporary Artist - Clovis Postali - At 3737 Buffalo Speedway Greenway Plaza - Houston, Texas. Visual Art Center announces the Wine Tasting and Art Exhibition on Thursday September 1st 2016. A fusion of Art and Wine when contemporary artist Clovis Postali exhibits the Bicycle Stroll Collection at 3737 Buffalo Speedway in Houston. This trend-setting event has created an impact in the art community by combining unique mediums and abstract art and stories about Houston's rising contemporary artists.
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To me painting is not merely mixing colors to portrait a specific place or idea but to create space itself by combining heavy, massive shapes and counterpointing them against more ephemeral, lightweight masses of color. I transport myself into that space only to wonder what’s beyond a horizon, a grouping of trees or mountains. I dream and I wonder how life would be if I were to remain there and then I imagine what it would be like for someone else to enter that space. I wish to share the fascination of the places I’m passionate about it.
I draw my inspiration mostly from memories and impressions I keep from old and recent trips and experiences but I also do some research on books and magazines. Sometimes a color scheme, a sunset or even an image of the universe may become the theme for my next painting”.

unspoiled giants

Visual Art Corner of Houston - Presented unspoiled giants - by Contemporary Artist - Clovis Postali - At 3737 Buffalo Speedway Greenway Plaza - Houston, Texas. The opening reception began April 27th, 2017. A fusion of Art and Wine when contemporary artist Clovis Postali presented his new abstract landscapes collection. Read more.  

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